Shropshire Union Canal Wybunbury Affiliation

From 1st May 2019 until 30th April 2020 Members of Port Sunlight Angling Club (PSAC) are granted the right to fish (jointly with Members of Wybunbury Anglers Association), the Canal & River Trust owned waterway, known as the ‘Shropshire Union Canal’ between Bridge No. 93 (Acton, Nantwich), and Bridge 107 (Beeston)

PSAC members must recognise the following Restrictions :-

  1. No Night Fishing.
  2. The use of Bloodworm or Pellets are barred.
  3. All fish to be returned to the canal.
  4. Individual anglers to recognise pre-booked matches, and other events e.g. Let’s Fish etc, and consequently not occupy any pegs so designated.
  5. All anglers must carry their PSAC Card and be able to identify themselves to Bailiffs and /or ‘bona-fide’ members of Wybunbury A.A.

There are multiple access points as follows:-
Acton CW5 8LG – best accessed from Henhull.
Henhull CW5 6AG – good adjacent parking for several vehicles.
Barbridge (East) CW5 6BH – adjacent parking for several vehicles.
Barbridge (West) CW5 6BG – space for two cars.
Wardle – Busy main road. Park on bridge by roundabout. Good sloped
Wardle (West) CW6 9JW – parking available at J.S.Bailey Ltd during
opening hours (7 days) in return for use of Cafe or Shop
Locked at other times.
Calveley CW6 9JL – Parking yet to be confirmed. Use J.S. Bailey Ltd.
Tilstone CW6 9QH – roadside at own risk, due to narrow road.
Bunbury CW6 9QB – roadside parking by canal bridge and nearby.
Beeston CW6 9NJ – two unofficial spaces adjacent to railway bridge, or
Parking is allowed at ‘Lockgate Cafe’ during opening hours, but a
purchase MUST be made from the Cafe.
Note that Post Codes are the nearest available.