Bridgewater Canal Waterloo Bridge (Runcorn) to Preston Brook Marina (Lymm Affiliation)


We have a reciprocal agreement with Lymm Angling Club which allows Port Sunlight Angling Club (PSAC) Members to fish the Bridgewater Canal between Waterloo Bridge (Runcorn) and Preston Brook Marina approx 4 1/2 miles.. with members of the Lymm Angling Club allowed to fish our stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal at Christleton and between Backford and Croughton bridges and Croughton Bridge to Meadow Lane Bridge (139) together with the Weaver Navigation at Sutton Weaver


PSAC members must carry their proof of membership and observe the appropriate Lymm Angling Club Rules at all times when fishing these waters while Lymm Angling Club members must carry their membership cards when fishing on the agreed PSAC waters .  A copy of the Lymm rules and maps are available from HERE


This stretch of the Bridgewater Canal is just over four miles in length, running through Runcorn from Waterloo
Bridge through to Preston Brook Marina. It is regarded by many as one of the most prolific canal stretches for
specimen-sized fish in the North West of England. The length has any excellent pedigree, having produced Carp
over 30lbs, Pike to well over 20lbs, Bream over 8lbs, Tench over 8lbs and Perch over 3lbs, all backed by a good
supply of roach over the magical 2lb mark. Fishing to features, such as moored boats, bridges or lily pads is the
key to locating the fish here and it is very much worthwhile putting up with the boat traffic during the summer
months as the disturbance caused rarely has any impact on feeding fish. Specimen hunters can roam along the
length to hunt their quarry whilst pleasure and match anglers can build up swims slowly to attract the shoals of
big Roach and Bream.
As this stretch runs through urban Runcorn there are plenty of parking areas available. Members are advised to
locate these for themselves, ensuring they do not obstruct access to the vehicles of local residents or commercial
premises. Fishing from towpath only, night fishing allowed but keep tow path clear.

The following is a link to the  Improve Your Canal Fishing videos with Simon Mottram (Motty) . A great set of videos for those wishing to learn more about or get into canal fishing!

For our youngsters and parents of youngsters who would like to introduce them to canal fishing, will find this link to the C & R T’s  Learn to Fish videos with Motty, invaluable.