Newby Pond


Benty Heath Lane approx. 240 metres from the junction with Willaston Road and across two meadows.

General description

This is one of the furthest pools of the Benty Heath lane Group known as the back ponds. Set in idyllic surroundings with an abundance of wildlife. A lovely place to be for those who love seclusion. The pool is well stocked and is known for its Tench and big Bream.

The Newby is not fished as much as some of the others in the group so requires patience and some watercraft to get the most from it. Though the rewards can be great. There are also an abundance of Roach, Crucians and Perch together with some decent Skimmers and Hybrids that will fill in the time while you await that big one.

Known Species

  • Chub
  • Perch
  • Crucians
  • Bream


Parking is in the main Club Car Park off Benty Heath Lane.