A Chilly Match On The Shroppie
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A Chilly Match On The Shroppie

A very chilly match on the Shroppie at Christleton that proved to be not for the faint hearted

On arrival the day was cold but calm and dry a great period for drawing pegs and setting up. It remained the same though a bit duller by the time the ‘ALL IN’ whistle was sounded. We probably managed about an hour before the rain, then the sleet and then the snow causing the temperature to fall. They say there is no wrong weather just wrong clothing. That’s fine but shipping a pole in and out when its covered in snow becomes rather painful for the hands. Some even had pole sections that had frozen together. Trying to record the results with with fingers that were numb with the cold was a challenge.

A very well done to everyone for sticking it out for the remaining three hours. Pity the fish weren’t forthcoming.