Bye Laws

psac logo transparentBYE LAWS


1. Members shall do nothing in any way, including by use of social media to endanger or tarnish the good reputation of the club.

2. Current membership cards must be carried and produced on request of any other member at Club waters or outings, together with Environmental
Agency Rod licenses. Fishing on the club waters is not permitted without being in possession of both. Any member can ask anyone else on club
waters to see their card to verify they are a member.

3. Any Committee member may at any time ask for any other member to surrender his card to them.

4. All forms of transport must be parked at the designated car parks or parking areas. Parking anywhere else prohibited. No vehicles (including
cycles and motorbikes) of any description may be taken on to private land or parked on the verges (with the exception of the Roadside and Stork
Ponds). The only exception will be through the express permission of the PSAC Committee.

5. The approach to Club waters shall be by access approved by thelandowner/farmer only. Crops, fences and hedges must not be damaged.
Gates must not be left open.

6. There will be an arbitrary Close Season on the Club waters March 1st until May 31st inclusive in any year. All Club waters will be open during
this period unless designated closed by the Committee. The use of keep nets is banned during this period except for bona fide Club matches.
On affiliated river waters the official close season of March 15th to June 15th inclusive each year applies

7. No member shall be on the Club facilities (including car parks) before;
a. 4am- 1hr after Sunset in the case of the Stork and Roadside.
b. 6am- 1hr after Sunset in the case of the ponds accessed from the Club hut and car park.
c. 24hr fishing at the Fireman’s and Carp ponds. 24hr fishing is also allowed on the Stork pond however, at the request of the farm manager you
must post your plans on the Members Only Facebook Group before you fish. In all cases you must arrive and leave in daylight hours. No juniors
unless accompanied by an adult member.

8. Non-members must not be brought on Club waters, unless with prior permission of PSAC committee.

9. Junior members between the ages of 6 and 13 must fish in close proximity to their parent or guardian member, with the exception of official club
matches following permission from a member who holds parental responsibility for them.

10. Members must have a suitable disgorger with them and a landing net with handle, set up prior to fishing.

11. The Committee would encourage members to use barbless hooks on Club waters.

12. Members can only fish from designated swims.

13. Fishing with two rods, or a rod and a pole are allowed on all waterswith the exception of the Fireman’s and Roadside Ponds where only one
rod or pole is allowed.

14. All fish must be returned to the water from which they were caught.

15. All fish larger than 4lb must be returned immediately and must not beretained in keep nets or carp sacks. The exception is on club matches
on club waters when the retention of larger fish is at the Matchcaptain’s discretion. However Barbel must not be retained in keep nets
at any time.

16. Regulation knotless keepnets are allowed, to retain fish under 4lb, during pleasure angling sessions with the exception of Barbel which must
be returned to the water straight away. however fish must be spread between two keepnets on the Firemans with a maximum of 50lb per net with
fish retained for no longer than 5 hours this also applies to Club Matches. The duration that fish are kept in keepnets should be limited
during periods of hot weather.

17. Terminal tackle must not be left in the water when vacating your peg, even temporarily.

18. Braided lines in all forms are banned on club waters

19. All nuts are banned, there are no other bait bans, however, loose feeding and ground baiting must be done in moderation.

20. Any member on Club waters or Club outings will be held accountable for litter in their immediate vicinity, all rubbish must be taken home

21. Tin cans of any kind are not allowed on club waters.

22. All portable audio devices must be played through ear phones.

23. Fire arms, air weapons, pointed knives with a blade longer than 3 inches and any other offensive weapons are banned from Club waters.

24. Dogs are not allowed on Club waters

25. The Committee may organise matches at away venues. If numbers are limited they will be filled on a first come first served basis by
contacting the Match Secretary, whose decision is final. Any member who fails to turn up at an away venue without having given notice to the
Match Secretary will be liable to pay any match fees incurred.

26. Fires at club waters are prohibited on Club waters. Except at official working parties.

27. The introduction, transfer and removal of fish and plants is strictly prohibited without the permission of the Committee

28  Work on waters

i.   On days of official, published working parties, members who are not taking part in the work are not allowed on Club land until after 1pm. (During short notice working parties only the ponds being worked on will be closed to members for the duration                 of  the work as directed by posted notices).

ii.  No work to be carried out on any Club water by ordinary members outside of an official work party without permission from the committee or an authorised member of the committee.

iii .Lone working on club waters to be carried out by authorised committee members only after notifying another committee member that they will be working, where, they are working and the type of work taking place. Contact details whilst working should            be provided and notification given when they have finished.

iv. Lone work to be restricted to work done with hand tools, strimmer’s and lawn mowers etc and using appropriate personal safety equipment. Chainsaws or Brush Cutters are not permitted during lone working.

29. Any member found in breach of the Bye Laws will be brought before the Committee to explain their actions and might be subject to
disciplinary action as the Committee see fit.

• Any member can report another to the Committee for breaching Bye Laws.
• We do not issue Guest Passes under any circumstance.
• On Affiliated Club Waters refer to their rules and close seasons, posted online.
• The Committee might allow individuals to override these bye laws for the benefit of the club, e.g. Control of vermin/predators and work on waters.

January 2020