New Members


New memberships normally become available towards the middle of April each year following our membership renewal process. New memberships are limited and as a result applicants are now required to add their details to a waiting list by following the requirements supplied when clicking the Join Our Waiting List button. Memberships when available will be offered to those on the waiting list first on a first come first served basis. Any remaining memberships will then be made available to general online applicants. When membership is offered or available online, applicants are required to open a Clubmate account ensuring that all the required fields in the personal profile form are completed in full and a clear head and shoulders photo uploaded before saving and continuing. Once an account is opened applicants will be able to choose the appropriate New Membership Plan by clicking on Start New Membership with those offered membership from the waiting list being supplied with a promo code to access their new membership plan. Once a Clubmate account has been opened and verified active members will be able to log into their account at any time from the My Account tab on our website Home Page or the mobile Clubmate App and maintain personal details, view documents only available to members, book on to activities and complete membership renewals online.

New Senior Members are subject to a one off joining fee when they join the club

Payment can be made by either Debit or Credit Card

Successful applicants will be sent a membership card through the post and have access to an electronic copy of the members information pack from the Members Only (On Demand) section within your online Account.

Junior membership between the ages of 6 and 13 years old is free of charge. However, our junior membership is not available online and juniors must always be accompanied by an adult member when fishing club and affiliated waters. An online account for a junior can be opened and linked to an adult member’s account and a photo uploaded to that account. However, an application form will still have to be downloaded from HERE which should be completed by a parent or guardian and include the name and membership number the Senior/Non-Fishing member of the club who will accompany and be responsible for the junior when fishing on Club waters. Once completed the form is sent to the Membership Secretary (with a passport style photo if not already uploaded) and stamped, Self-addressed envelope to be used to send out a custom junior membership card.

Non-Fishing Membership for spouses/partners who wish to accompany a Senior Member.

The senior member can add an account for their spouse/partner linked to their own. A promo code will be required to allow their membership to be added to their account which can be obtained by emailing and entering Non-Fishing Member in the subject and providing your own details and the name and Membership Number of the person you are applying for

Non-Fishing Membership for parent/ Guardian accompanying a junior

As a  Non-fishing Member who will be accompanying a Junior you are required to open a  Clubmate account online from HERE making sure you verify the account by following the link sent to you by email and fully completing your details in the profile form and uploading a clear head and shoulders photo of yourself.. Once you have done this you will be able to open an account(s) for the junior(s) account by clicking on ‘Add another member/child’ from your own account.  Non-Fishing Membership requires a promo code so once the accounts are opened apply for the promo by emailing and entering Non-Fishing Junior in the subject and providing your details and the name and Membership Number of the Junior you will be accompanying and then download and complete the Junior application form as set out under Junior Memberships below. Note – Promo code will be issued on receipt of the Junior application form.

There are four categories of membership.

  • Senior Membership: Those aged 19 and  over on the 1st of April.
  • Young Person Membership: Those aged 14 to 18 on the 1st of April.
  • Junior Membership: Those aged 6 to 13 on the 1st of April.
  • Non-Fishing Membership: Non-Fishing Membership: Available to spouses/partners accompanying full adult members and parents/guardians accompanying junior members on club and affiliated stretches of the River Dee

Membership shall be at the discretion of the Committee and all members must be in possession of a current Environment Agency Rod Licence, when fishing club waters.

New Senior Joining Fee£60 plus £20 Joining Fee (Waiting List)
Senior (renewal)£60 plus £1.80 admin fee (Renewals Only)
Young Person 14 - 18£10 plus 50p Admin Fee
Junior - 13 & under Free
Replacement Photo ID Card£5.00

Please contact the Membership Secretary with any questions.