Carp Pond



Accessed from our main car park in Benty Heath Lane, Willaston, Neston.

The Carp Pond is set in a fenced and gated one-acre site with about a dozen well-spaced pegs with some suitable for bivvie’s. The pool holds an original strain of Common and Mirror Carp together with a recently stocked strain known as Staffordshire ‘Supa’ Carp and good sized Tench. It also holds Crucian and Rudd.

Known Species

  • Tench
  • Crucians

Special Conditions

No Braid main line or hook lengths and un-hooking mats should be used.

Night fishing is allowed on this water after following instructions laid down in Club Rules

It should be noted that we share this site with a local shoot and there are some Saturday dates during the winter months that are best avoided.

Parking & Access

Parking is in the main car park off Benty \heath Lane. The pool is a short walk along the edge of a field with access through a locked gate.