Dee Anglers Llangollen Canal (Prees Branch)


Our friends at Dee Anglers have acquired the fishing on the Prees Branch of the Llangollen canal, between Whixall Marina and the junction with the main Llangollen navigation at the Whixall Moss Junction approx. 800 Metres in length, which they are allowing our members to fish as part of our affiliation with them. This lovely looking branch is narrower than the main navigation with little to no boat traffic and few walkers etc. with the remainder of the branch beyond the Marina being a site of special scientific interest and left mainly to wildlife. Check out the small video below and if you wish to learn more about this branch click HERE

Parking can be found around Dobsons Bridge on a road side verge and Allmans Bridge where there are spaces for four or five vehicles.

Dee Anglers fished the stretch for 12 months before leasing the stretch, it has large specimens of many species and unlike our local canals the predominant species are Bream and Tench which go to 4lb, there are also Roach and Rudd to 2lb and hybrids to a similar weight. There is some fantastic Perch fishing with specimens over 3lb. Winter bags regularly exceed 15lb, whilst 30lb plus bags are the norm in the warmer months.

Fishing is with one rod only and No Night Fishing

Additional Information

Dee Anglers are allowed to fish our stretches of the Shropshire Union Canal at Backford and Christleton and also the Weaver Navigation at Sutton Weaver. Those who are ONLY looking to fish these waters together with the Dee Anglers stretches of the  River Dee, the Prees branch of the Llangollen Canal and the Mongomery Canal at Lower Frankton should visit the Dee Anglers website at

The following is a link to the  Improve Your Canal Fishing videos with Simon Mottram (Motty) . A great set of videos for those wishing to learn more about or get into canal fishing!

For our youngsters and parents of youngsters who would like to introduce them to canal fishing, will find this link to the C & R T’s  Learn to Fish videos with Motty, invaluable.

You can download the Dee Anglers maps from HERE

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